Community Relations, administered by Nancy Love, has been created to address quality of life issues as SHCA works within the neighborhood and with other groups in the neighborhood to facilitate cooperation, understanding, and growth.



                                        Sub-committees of this group are:

                                  Membership Cultivation:  James Rissler, Chair

                                  New Resident Visitation:  Margaret Cone, Chair

                                              Schools:  Eddy Rhinehart, Chair

                                                Security:  Nancy Love, Chair


Welcome New Residents!

Committee contact:

Greetings to all new residents! Sagamore is a wonderful diverse community of 583 homes.  A strong sense of community makes it a unique and welcoming place. 

The new residents committee periodically holds a social at a committee member’s home to meet and greet new residents of Sagamore Hills.  Please contact us if you are a new resident or have a new neighbor we can introduce to each other and welcome.

SHCA Security – Safe Neighborhoods Respond

Committee contact:

The Sagamore Hills Civic Association is concerned about everything happening in our area. When neighbors are alert, crimes go down. As a neighborhood, we are (and ask you to be) vigilant about calling the police at 911 when:

  • Student-aged people are about during school hours or violating midnight curfew.
  • Strange/unfamiliar cars are cruising the neighborhood too slowly.
  • Strangers knock on your door to sell things or look for work.
  • Strange/unfamiliar cars are parked in your neighbors’ driveway.
  • Or, something looks suspicious or just doesn’t feel right

For all non-emergency calls, please contact the Center Precinct at 770-724-7600, or of all of DeKalb, 678-937-2852, or 311.  The administrative number for 911 concerns is 404-294-2911.

The Sagamore Hills Civic Association has also established a designated fund to hire off-duty policeman. Currently, we contract two off-duty police. Each officer cruises the neighborhood in marked and unmarked cars for three-hour shifts, several times a week. Their routes and times vary in an effort to be present at the most vulnerable times.    

Contributions are ALWAYS accepted for this fund. All contributions are used on personnel and the number of shifts per week is dependent on contributions. Contribute here OR by sending a check to Sagamore Hills Civic Association, PO Box 49207, Atlanta, GA  30359.

And, some friendly reminders:

  • Talk to your neighbors. Tell them when you go out of town. Give them an emergency contact number where they can reach you. Even give them a code in the event your alarm goes off.
  • Record serial numbers. Having them on file will make it easier for the police to check their database of stolen items.
  • Check your landscaping. Keep your shrubs trimmed by windows and access points.
  • Don’t open your door to strangers.
  • Use outdoor lighting in front and back of your house.
  • Lock your car and don’t leave valuable visible to passerbys.
  • If something doesn’t seem right, call 911! The more we look out for each other, the safer our neighborhood will be.

DeKalb County has pressed forward with the “Interactive Community Policing” (ICP) program with a goal of placing an additional 800 officers on the force over the next years. Additionally DeKalb County Police are employing mobile coaches as police precincts which can be dispatched to an area where increasing crime is taking place. These units were purchased with drug seizure funds, not tax dollars.

Committee contact:

Note: Sagamore Hills is protected by the Sagamore Hills Infill Overlay. Details are on file at the Dekalb County Zoning Board Permitting Office

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