Notes From the SHCA Board Meeting

2021 Board Activity


  • Election of 2022 officers by the incoming Board
  • Social time hosted by Don and Melinda McChessney


  • Lighting the Column committee appointed:  E Rhinehart, chair; N Love
  • GDOT community meeting has not been called yet regarding Clairmont Corridor.  Watch for time and date
  • PDK is to have a community meeting to discuss their Comprehensive Plan.  Watch for time and date.
  • Discussion regarding our inability to have imput on AirB&B in area.  Authority rests with DeKalb County


  • Preparation for Annual Meeting, 10/19 at 7 pm via Zoom


  • Patrol employee Ronnie Viar resigned unexpectedly
  • Homeless issue impact on Sagamore Hills
  • Progress on the bridge
  • Request for driver feedback sign on Alderbrook
  • Discussion of AirB&B on Tamarack Trail


  • Approved James Rissler to fill the Board position vacated by Jaime Dutro
  • Discussion regarding annual meeting content
  • Leaf blower noise


  • The nomination of Keith Petroni to fill the vacated term of Gary Grimes was approved
  • The date and place of the annual meeting was confirmed.  Bill Tomassi has agreed to handle audio-visuals to make the meeting more interesting
  • Details for the Neighborhood Coffee and Doughnuts were confirmed
  • An additional shift has been added to the security patrol because funds are available.
  • The request from Oak Grove Market to sell wine and beer was discussed.  Your Board agreed that since every restaurant and Walgreens sells alcohol, there is no reason that OGM should not be allowed to do the same
  • Little is happening regarding zoning or the broken bridge children use to get from Council Bluff to Sagamore Hills Elementary.
  • The website will be moved from WordPress to WildApricot keeping the same domain name.



Land Use reports

  • Zoning Abatement letter is also being sent to DeKalb Development Authority, DeKalb County School Board and City of Brookhaven as requested by Jeff Rader
  • Discussions are under way for a meeting with GDOT regarding the Clairmont Corridor Project
  • Nothing new to report on the bridge over Turtle Greek
  • DeKalb County is merging the comprehensive plan with the transportation plan
  • Beautification reported work continuing getting information to light the entrance columns

Community Support brought several ideas for fun to the Board for approval.  Details can be found throughout this report:

  • Neighborhood Coffee
  • Cocktail Truck in Sagamore Hills
  • Dog Days of Summer dog parade and hot dog feast

Communication and Administration

  • Nomination subcommittee placed in nomination Helen Fredrick to fill the 6-month unexpired term of Steve Pittard. Her election was unanimous.
  • Confirmed the Associations’ long-standing position of neutrality regarding speed tables in accordance with SHCA By-Laws and IRS regulations for 501(c)(4) organizations disallowing payments to individuals.


  • Board met in Executive Session

April Board, 2021 Meeting notes:

  • Beginning discussion regarding lighting the columns at the entrances
  • SHCA Board will be sending a letter regarding what we perceive as a disproportionate tax abatement being requested by Manor Druid Hills from DeKalb County.  Concerns for much needed tax dollars being unavailable for DeKalb County School because of this abatement drove the decision.
  • Traffic issues now are the responsibility of the Zoning Committee under the Land Use umbrella.
  • The Board confirmed that the maintenance of the traffic-splitter island on Pine Forest is the responsibility of the residents of Pine Forest.

March, 2021 Board Meeting Notes:

  • Research has begun to light the columns at the entrances to Sagamore Hills.
  • Security Patrol hours were discussed and Board agreed upon the hours Patrol would be most useful in our neighborhood.  The Security Committee will work with Ronnie and Shep to cover these hours.
  • Zoning Committee is keeping eyes on the Stein Project at the corner of Briarcliff and Clairmont as well as the Clairmont Corridor GDOT project which are to improve safety and vehicle movement.
  • The Board is exploring the posting of Minutes from Board meetings on to be available to members.
  • Gary Grimes, our webmaster, announced his resignation as he moves to Oconee County

Thoughts from the SHCA January, 2021 Board meeting

Our wins:

  • progress made with reconstruction of the bridge over Turtle Creek
  • first ever Zoom Annual meeting and thanks for all the ballots received.

Our concerns:

  • the Stein Project
  • Clairmont Corridor planning
  • Path development discussions
  • Building projects that could impact Sagamore Hills
  • PDK as it nears expansion

And, our dreams:

  • Lighting the columns
  • Membership cultivation
  • Replace Hotline with user friendly app
  • Neighborhood events and events for children
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