Land Use

Land Use, administered by Vickie Moreland, will address all issues affecting the land and streets in and around Sagamore Hills, and their care and maintenance.



SHCA Beautification: Curb Appeal, Southern Style

Committee contact:

As a community, residents support the beautification committee through donations of time and money. Funds go to planting and maintenance of the subdivisions entrances and the Black Fox island, as well as the planting of both under-story and specimen trees throughout the community with the assistance of Trees Atlanta.  Islands on individual streets are maintained and the responsibility of street residents.

The Sagamore Hills Civic Association employs a landscaper to take care of most plantings and routine maintenance, but neighbors often gather for “work days” to clean up neglected areas. The community also adheres to the zoning regulations regarding maintenance and use of property.

Recent projects: sign toppers above each street sign, columns at each of the 10 subdivision entrances, plantings of shrubs and annuals, new landscaping in the Black Fox Drive center island. The committee is currently working on long-term plans for these areas.

SHCA Zoning

Committee contact:

Sagamore Hills is experience a great deal of change, in-fill, and growth. The Zoning Committee meets regularly as plans are announced that would change our neighborhood significantly. The committee discusses plans, reviews plans with the Sagamore Hills Civic Association Board to decide on action. Regular meetings with county and state authorities, both individually and in open sessions, dealing with both building, re-zoning, and traffic are held so that the SHCA position and concerns is clearly known by authorities.

Note: Sagamore Hills is protected by the Sagamore Hills Infill Overlay. Details are on file at the Dekalb County Zoning Board Permitting Office. 

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