SHCA Land Use Committee Annual Report


The Land Use Committee has three sub-committees (Beautification, Code Enforcement and Zoning) and the coordinator for 2021 and 2022 has been Vickie Moreland.   Currently, all committee members are serving on the SHCA Board.  However, committee membership is open to all Association members and additional participation would be welcomed as there are currently many issues we are attempting to address and keep our neighbors informed about.


Beautification Report

              Sandra Reeder, Chairman


The Beautification Committee is chaired by Sandra Reeder and the current committee members are Margaret Cone, Carolyn Gilbert, Nancy Love and Bonnie Walker.

The Beautification Committee continues to be at work making the entrances to our community inviting and well-kept.  We’ve fought drought, heat, and monsoon rains this year.   We do not have the manpower to water these areas regularly although we do have a source for water at each area.  Should your family want to adopt an island to keep it watered when the month is dry, we will be more than delighted to show you our connections and provide you with the necessary equipment.  Just drop us a line at

Yet the columns still stand and many plants continue to thrive.  Fall planting was completed at the end of September.  Your committee will endeavor to add perennials that will prove to be pollinators as they add to the beauty of our space.  There were replacements for those plants that didn’t survive.  We’ve talked with our neighbor horticulturalist, Jeri Laufer, for advice.  One of Jeri’s suggestions is to scatter the seeds of self-seeding perennials.  Many of our residents diligently collect seeds each fall to use in the spring.  SHCA will be delighted if you will share with us.  Each and every entrance was touched as we continue to work to improve our neighborhood.

We are grateful to Camden & Co. and their diligence to keep these areas tidy.  They work in our 9 entrances and the Black Forest island a total of 10 man hours per month.  They are our experts at seasonal decorating.  We continue to work on providing seasonal decorations at our entrances.  Your help in keeping them intact and in place is always appreciated.

We are also grateful to Bill Tomassi who designs our thank you note cards each year mailed to our donors

Your generosity as you donate to the Beautification Fund allows this work to continue.  We appreciate your ideas and hope you will drop us a message at with your suggestions.


Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Committee is chaired and solely served by Jay Leslie.  DeKalb County’s structure actually refers to this as Code Compliance and our experience is that it is severely understaffed.  The Association is willing to assist with issues not in compliance as manpower allows and also encourages our neighbors to report issues directly to the County.  Compliance and contact information can be found on the website, www.



The Zoning Committee is chaired by Don Broussard and the current committee members are Margaret Cone, Nancy Love, Vickie Moreland and Edwin Rhinehart.  This Committee is working on and monitoring many projects affecting our neighborhood and a recap of these projects is below.


GDOT’s Safety Improvement Projects for Clairmont Road

GDOT held a virtual Open House from June 16 through July 16 for the plans that were shared in 2020.  No plan changes had been made to the original design and previous communications to GDOT by the Association were not addressed.  The SHCA Board took a position of non-support of the presented design and sought support from County and State Officials.  No response was received from any of our General Assembly delegates, however, both Commissioner Jeff Rader and Commissioner Ted Terry supported our position and sent a letter of support to GDOT.  On September 14, Jeremy Busby, Program Manager for Safety and Operations Projects for GDOT’s Office of Program Delivery provided information confirming that:

  • Improvements on the east side of Clairmont (sidewalks and deceleration lanes) were being eliminated.
  • Revised plans were not yet available for public review.
  • The roundabout at Rosecliff Drive is still part of the plans and a second roundabout at Black Fox Drive is being proposed.
  • GDOT is planning an in-person meeting with Sagamore Hills Civic Association, North Briarcliff Civic Association, Leafmore-Creek Hills Civic Association, and the Clairmont Road Conservancy in October (LU requested this meeting to occur before our Annual Meeting).


Neighborhood speeding and Driver Feedback Signs.

The Zoning Committee has permitted and placed in use a driver feedback sign at 1811 Alderbrook Road.  We have sought a second permit and purchased a second sign for placement at 1701 Alderbrook Road.  We will be continuing this endeavor and seek input from our neighbors for additional locations.  As these signs are solar powered, they operate best in sunny locations and seem to be most effective on a downhill stretch.

Turtle Creek Pedestrian Bridge

The Zoning Committee has been working with DeKalb County Public Works for the past three years on bridge repair.  The Association’s records go back to the 1960s and we were able to provide the original plats showing the bridge and approach as public right of way.  Earlier this year, we did see some progress with surveyors on site.  It is our understanding that the County has engaged AECOM to design the rebuild and that in addition to the pedestrian bridge and approaches a redesign of stormwater drainage is being required.


Stein Investment Company – redevelopment of Williamsburg Shopping Center

DeKalb County Planning Commission met on September 6 and followed the staff recommendation for a 30 day delay in the vote.  Don Broussard has contacted the developer regarding increasing the size and visibility of the green space planned for the project.  The developer has disclosed that the plan no longer includes a connector road between Briarcliff and the I85 Access Road.

Peachtree Creek Trail Study

County’s plans are being monitored and public meetings are being attended.  Current design through Sagamore Hills is on the Alderbrook Road sidewalk and not through the powerline/gas line easement.

DeKalb County Unified Plan

Reviewed in August by the Civic Association Network (CAN) for neighborhoods with citizen’s looking at the proposed comprehensive plan for DeKalb’s growth.  Attendees representing and attending on behalf of SHCA were  Don Broussard, Margaret Cone, and Nancy Love.  The MARTA component is still missing and the expectation is to see this element included before the plan moves on for approval by the DeKalb Commission and ARC.

DeKalb County Charter Review

The focus of the September CAN (Civic Association Network) meeting was a look at the Charter for organization of government in DeKalb.  Long awaited Charter Review Committee with  Chairman Steve Henson gave neighborhoods insight into the questions, suggestions, and some of the concerns that this committee must unravel as they struggle to update current county government structure.  Don Broussard and Nancy Love have represented Sagamore Hills in many discussions leading to this necessary review.


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