Construction in Sagamore Hills is subject to an overlay which adds to the DeKalb zoning requirements for District 10

Sagamore Hills is protected by the Sagamore Hills Infill Overlay. Details are on file at the Dekalb County Zoning Board Permitting Office.

Overlay districts are supplemental to the zoning district classifications established in Article II of Chapter 27. All development and building permits for lots located within any overlay district shall meet all of the requirements of the base zoning district in which they are located and in addition shall meet all of the requirements of the overlay district applicable to said lot. Where there are conflicts between overlay district regulation and other regulations contained in the Code, the overlay regulation shall govern. Where the overlay district regulation is equally restrictive with other regulations in the Code, the overlay district regulation shall govern.

The purpose and intent in establishing the Sagamore Hills Overlay District is as follows:

     (a) To implement the policies and objectives of the comprehensive plan and Zoning Ordinance of DeKalb County within the overlay district;

     (b) To ensure that new structures and developments are compatible with the height, size and level of forestation of the existing dwellings and lots;

     (c) To encourage property owners to improve and renovate the existing housing stock, rather than demolish the same;

     (d) To preserve the visual appearance of the subject neighborhood, and;

     (e) To preserve the existing economic and social structure of the neighborhood.

Within the Sagamore Hills Overlay District, no building shall exceed a height of twenty-eight (28) feet. Height shall be measured by one (1) of the following alternate methods:

     (a) From the average existing grade as measured along the building setback line to the top of the highest roof structure; or

     (b) From the threshold of the main entrance of an existing dwelling to the top of the highest roof structure. In the case of an infill building that would require alteration or demolition of the original threshold; the original elevation thereof shall be measured and certified by a licensed surveyor or professional engineer. The certified elevation shall be submitted as a part of the application for any demolition permit or building permit.

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