The Administrative/Communications Committee is comprised four Sub-Committees: Finance, By-Laws, Database, and Publications.  Eddy Rhinehart is the Coordinator of these groups for 2022.


Jay Leslie, Chair

Vickie Moreland

Eddy Rhinehart

The Finance Committee is one of two standing committees of the Board, and its purpose is to annually review the Association’s financial records as compiled by the Treasurer, and if necessary, make recommendations regarding the Association’s accounts and investments.


Bonnie Walker, Chair

Don Broussard

Keith Petroni

The By-Laws Committee has been reviewing the current By-Laws this past year, focusing on those sections and articles that may require some revision based on more current conditions.  Special attention has been given to Board membership, the annual meeting quorum requirements, and the purpose statements of the SHCA.  These topics and others, concerning Board policies and procedures, will continue to be studied by the Committee in 2023 and brought before the membership for consideration then.   


Sandra Reeder, Chair

Keith Petroni

The Database Committee is tasked with maintaining the roster of names, addresses, and emails of SHCA members, as well as maintenance and updates of the SHCA website (, and the Sagamore Hills new “Hotline”,

This year’s achievements include moving the website to a more reliable hosting site, migrating membership data to the website, and developing password protocols.

A great deal of effort has been spent to provide a website that is up-to-date and contains the information the membership may want to know in a place where it can be easily found.  To that end, no sign-in is necessary.  Every person entering our website can see everything on the site.  The site contains an edited version of the monthly Board meetings, contact information for Board members, past editions of the Signal, and explanations of how the Board committee system works.  Online dues payment has been streamlined so that dues can be paid online using either PayPal or a credit card with PayPal.

Our website is maintained and updated regularly by FixRunner.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.  Please contact us at


Bonnie Walker, Signal editor

Mike Miller

The Publications Committee’s main task is to publish the bi-monthly Sagamore Hills newsletter, the Signal.  It is mailed to all households in the neighborhood, regardless of SHCA membership.  So, this publication is the main vehicle for distribution of news and information from the Sagamore Hills Civic Association and the Board about our neighborhood and surrounding areas.  A lot of planning and preparation goes into the process of making this happen year-round, from soliciting articles by residents and Board members, to compiling all the information to meet deadlines, and sending it to the publisher.  Special thanks goes to all those who have contributed articles and information to the Signal this year.  

Any ideas for future articles or topics would be greatly appreciated.  And membership in this Committee is open to any SHCA member who would like to help.

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